Butch's Auto Repair

217 N. Daggett Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139

Phone: 215-471-5694
Fax: 215-476-4668
Email: butchsautorepair@hotmail.com

About us

Our approach

We know that your car is important to you and your family or business.  We treat every client with the respect and honesty they deserve and provide quality and efficient service at a reasonable price.  

This is what makes us different:

  • Diagnosis - we have the experience and tools to find the problem
  • Consultative approach - We look to provide our clients with a service plan that spans the ownership of the vehicle because we know that preventative maintenance is the best way to eliminate those costly surprise repair bills
  • Experience and Training - We have a staff that brings over 150 years of experience in the auto repair industry and each of our technicians are highly trained in their area of expertise
  • We are a neighborhood garage at heart - Everyone remembers that neighborhood garage where all of the families in the neighborhood used to take their cars - -That's us!
  • Come in as a Customer, leave as a Client - While you may be stopping in for an oil change or windshield wipers, you'll leave knowing that we've got all of your auto service and repair needs covered
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